Barnard student studying abroad in Barcelona.

6 responses to “About

  1. Hola,

    Soy un periodista de Barcelona y querría ponerme en contacto contigo. ¿Puedes enviarme un correo y te lo explico?


  2. Fabio


    soy fabio un amigo de Eve Solomon, i just wrote u an email..
    she told me u are living in barcelona, if u interested to meet for a coffe or whatever please write me on my mail..


  3. Ni

    i just sent you an email, but i’m not sure how often you check it, so i am here to tell you to check your email.


  4. Andrea

    hey! merry christmas! we left in such a hurry we forgot to leave you our emails. and btw.. the place in prague is called czech inn. take care!

  5. (chiqui) yolanda fischer

    Julia, You probably don’t remember me, we meet once in Carson City. I have known your father since I was 3 and met your mother before they married.My husband and I went to there wedding.Anyway we just cought up with your mom it was great.My son Michael and his wife are moving to Spain in 3 weeks to the same place were your mom will be staying.Then Paul my husband and I are planning to visit.I hope you can meet Michael and Heather. Michael always wanted to learn spainsh since he was a little boy he went to Chile after high school and stayed with friends of mine, now its Spain. Well I hope I get to meet you as I too will be visiting them in June. You have the best of your mother and father in you. You are quite the beauty! Your Aunt Judy was a good friend of mine my whole life I can see her in you and your beautiful mother also. Thank you for letting everyone see your trip. It is beautiful. Now I really want to go to Spain. Sincerly Chiqui

  6. Hola mi amigo! I just showed my dad your website and he says hello! Can’t wait to see you this summer, hope you got my letter back okay, and thanks for writing me that was so cool! Te amo bonita

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